Pass interference calls while tobogganing drunk

It’s over, Christmas season is over.  I appreciate all of the love and concern while I wove in and out of insanity.  One thing that I can tell you is that children are receiving much better gifts now then when I was growing up.  Tablet or a new bike?  You be the judge?  You might as well give them a box of cut up newspaper if you are attempting to give a teenager a bicycle.

Dallas Cowboys won yesterday.  There was the obvious overturning of the call, but really the Lions had many chances to put that thing away earlier.  It should not have come down to that.

Sara and I visited Ikea yesterday.  That is one store that knows what they are doing.  Leading you through the store.  No shopping carts, and having decent prices for pretty much everything.  It’s quite a bit better then following around a family of 7 with two shopping carts looking at Angry Birds t-shirts while three babies that aren’t triplets, but look exactly the same age are crying in the shopping cart.  The mother is yelling at them to shut it in a terrible tone of voice.  Welcome to Walmart.

Frank – 7.3/10 (I did fall asleep part of the way through and woke back up for the wonderful final song.  This is the rating for the part of the movie that I did see.)
Black Mirror – 8.9/10 – This is a British TV series that gives you one hour stories about random things in the near future.

Best Boxing Day line – “I don’t really need a TV.  What am I going to do with the old one?  But it’s such a good deal.  I still have all of this money.”  Then she turns to me and says.  “What do you think I should do?”  I predict an awful lot of debt for this young lady in the future.

Made my own fish and chips yesterday.  It was really easy.  It was also delicious.  You mean you don’t have to deep fry it until it weighs 36 lbs and eat enough until you feel like tartar sauce might be the best thing that has ever been invented?

Clash of Clans and Boom Beach have commercials on TV during NFL Playoffs.  These are free games that you can play on your tablet and phone.  This is the equivalent to the KW Public Library having an ad during the Academy Awards.

There have been multiple people that I have talked to that have had to use a chair as defense against another human being.

Top 3 things that your local big box retail associate dislikes

3 – When you approach the counter while somebody is being rung in already, and you stare at them.
2 – Snapping your fingers, waving, or yelling hey or any other obnoxious thing that you can think of to get their attention.
1 – Telling them that you are in a hurry, but you have decided to come in to spend over $1000 on a retail purchase.  If you have only 5 minutes please come back later.  Rather then returning the product; because I didn’t have time to ask you any questions.

One thing that I have understood over years of working.  If somebody thinks they are better then you because they either look down on your job or believe that their job is just ridiculously important.  They are generally shitty in most other ways as well.

You don’t hear many parents naming their kid Golum.

Going as an adult by yourself and tobogganing down a giant hill will have people that see this thinking one of three things.  Mental issues, pedophile, or drunk.

Watching previews for the Hobbit versus watching previews for Wild led me to a conclusion that Hobbit people debate whether $17.99 is the absolute most they will spend for a popcorn and a gallon of pop.   While people that watch Wild will have a debate about whether Steve Carrell can pull off a dramatic role.  Both conversations are worthwhile.

Video game movies.  Watch out for them over the next 5 years.

New Years Resolutions aren’t really my thing, but I believe 2015 is going to be a solid year.  With more and more small businesses starting up and people just being more informed on stuff that they are purchasing.  There are multiple apps for phones that allow you to find where things are the best deals and the places that get great reviews.  Sara and I are trying to sink as much money as possible into the local businesses.  That and giving back to the community are the two biggest things that we are trying to accomplish.

Happy New Year from Hosehead


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