Deflated balls, this is what everybody wants to talk about leading up to the Superbowl.  The Colts lost 45-7.  It’s not like on the late drive of the game that they gave them a basketball to use to try to win the game.

Sara and I just got back from Trinidad.  The weather was beautiful.  According to our iPhone it was supposed to rain the majority of time there.  We did some hiking in the rainforest with a couple of people from the small village that we were staying at.  We slept on the beach in a hammock and were really at ease with pretty much everything that surrounded us.  Nothing better then sitting watching the waves roll in while somebody is making a delicious meal for you over a fire on a beach.  Trinidadian food is a fantastic mix of Indian, Caribbean, and South American.  Received some good ideas of things to try out in the future.  All in all it was a very relaxing trip.  It’s especially relaxing when you don’t have to be involved with any US stop overs.

Just a quick question for Toronto Maple Leaf fans.  What were you expecting this year?  Fighting for the playoffs is the best this team is capable of.  Stop crying and throwing your jerseys on the ice.

Sometimes I feel like I am 75 years old when I watch CBC news.  Their are multiple commercials about having a hard time getting out of tubs and having a swimming pool that is basically a treadmill swimming pool.

Target, oh poor Target.  You thought being a big American chain was good enough.  Unfortunately, you still need product and a reason for us to shop there.  Feel bad for those that lost their jobs, but did anybody really think this would succeed?  Heard a stat the CEO’s buyout was more then every person that worked for Target across Canada’s buyout.

I honestly don’t think I would cut it at Tim Horton’s.  Things are way too fast paced there.  I received my bagel and my coffee within one minute.  Do they own a baby dragon to make the bagels that quickly?

We are currently in the process of packing up to move.  I own an Oakland Athletics, Troy Neel Jersey.  He played a total of 3 seasons with the A’s.  He only played DH.  There was something wrong with me as a child.  I don’t think anybody including myself really remembers what he looks like.  He actually might have been a character from a Nintendo baseball game that I was playing and I became confused and purchased a jersey of.

Justin Bieber is going to be roasted.  He’s agreed to it for Comedy Central.  This is actually the smartest move he has made in about five years.  People love celebrities that don’t mind when you poke fun at them.  The amount of material that they have on Biebs is the similar to Ivan Drago’s training gym in Rocky 4.

I have finally retired the Intel Pentium Desktop that I had purchased in 2005.  It did me well.  Many great bands were found out on that machine.  In it’s final years it sounded like a 1968 Soviet tank, but it was my Soviet tank.  You will be missed.  For our tiny house I am going to make a blanket out of the recycled plastic frame of the computer to be remembered.

Seattle Seahawks 24 New England Patriots 21

Continued watching the Trailer Park Boys.  There isn’t much better then this show.  I must say that I do miss Trevor.  Wonder why that actor wouldn’t want to comeback to portray his character?  He probably couldn’t get reception at the Tim Hortons in Nova Scotia he was at when the producers called.

Guinness always hits the mark.  It’s the big fat guy from Ice Hockey at that perfect amount of holding down the slapshot button and having him release a howitzer upon the skinny guy and the small quick guy to try to contain.  He was Kevin James and Al Iafrate all mixed up in one and I loved him.

Green Bay had maybe the biggest meltdown that has ever been seen on live TV.  Well Toronto against Boston was probably worse, but it was close.  I was in the airport when I read about it and I felt my face going red just reading about it.  I can’t imagine the outrage and horror that would have occurred in Kitchener if I would have witnessed this catastrophe.

Insects don’t care if you curse at them.  The first person that makes a mosquito gun is going to be the richest person in the world.  It would be great if it made the noise “pew” when it shot as well.


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