German Shepherds that pretend to be magicians at the bowling alley

Baseball is about to begin.  This is usually one of the best sport viewing times of the year.  Hockey playoffs, basketball playoffs, and the opening month of baseball.  I just can’t get into hockey without the Flyers being in the mix for the playoffs.  Also, if you are going to tell me that the bottom teams aren’t trying to tank I will call you a filthy liar.  Arizona, Toronto, and Buffalo might lose to the Kitchener Rangers right now.

If you are a major airline that has sold out flights constantly to Portugal.  Would you not want to get better entertainment then 1986 mountain biking clips to show during a 6 hour flight?  Oh, they also have LPGA clips from the early 90’s as well.  Would have been ok if we had our tablet, but walking 240km with a tablet might defeat the purpose.

Our new apartment is pretty much ready to rock and roll.  We have moved in and have nearly everything.  That is everything other then silverware.  Eating salad with a camping spoon is much easier then expected though.

Poor Sara had to spend 2 hours at Dollarama waiting for me to pick her up after work.  If you want inspiration to be somewhat successful in your career spend 2 hours at Dollarama.

When are the record companies going to start to reissue albums on vinyl?  People that are listening to CD’s are not buying the album Blind Melon – Soup.

Backcountry – 8.6/10

Backcountry is a story about a couple that get lost in a provincial park without map or GPS.  Missy Peregrym steals the show.  She is convincing as a big city executive that has little or no clue about the outdoors.

People were amazed that Sara and I were able to do such a lengthy walk.  You too can walk for a long stretch.  It requires running shoes, a backpack, and a will to do it.  We had some minor injuries, but your body is made to walk.

IKEA is a drug.

There are numerous music concerts that I am intrigued by this summer.  Real Estate, War on Drugs, My Morning Jacket, Tame Impala, The Antlers, Interpol, and Spoon.  Rod Stewart unfortunately didn’t make the cut.  What were they thinking?  Aerosmith to Rod Stewart.  That’s like getting Andrew Raycroft for Tuukka Rask.

Portuguese people have this notion that they all need extremely frightening dogs to protect their houses.  You are just walking along having a grand old time.  Thinking about the wonderful bread, pastries, and coffee that you will be devouring in minutes.  Then a giant German Shepherd jumps up and startles you.  I haven’t sworn at that many dogs in quite a while.  You also mock them.  “You not so tough huh.”

It’s pleasant to land in Canada and see most of the snow is gone.  I understand birds now.

You crave things while walking for long stretches.  You would think it would be a cold beer.  Maybe gatorade or fruit juice?  Nope, coca-cola, I hardly ever drink pop.  It feels like all those terrible coca-cola commercials where people are partying with 2L bottles of coke.  How many house parties have you been to that a dance party has busted out with multiple cans of pop and bags of doritos?

Top 3 things that you see teenagers do that you know will turn them into a douchebag when they are older.

3 – Sit in a seat and spread their legs wide open so nobody can get into their space

2 – Wear the 80’s villain glasses with a tucked in polo shirt.

1 – Hat backwards, terrible mustache, and running in packs with others that look exactly the same.

Feminism – It is for everyone.  Unless you’re an idiot that believes that you are superior to women.  Or believe that men are superior to you.

One of the major issues with having an apartment is not controlling the heat.  It must be an 85 year old woman controlling the heat that has zero blood running through her body.  You might be able to cook bacon on our floor if you had 5 hours to work with.

Why does bowling get a bad rap?  There is nothing better then getting that third strike in a row.  You feel like a God when that turkey comes on the screen.

It’s difficult to pull off a top hat.  You would assume that you would look good in one.  You would assume wrong.  Unless you are a magician.  If you are a magician, go on with your day.

For people that think that I have given up on my YouTube channel you would be wrong.  I have some things in the works that will be showing up shortly.  I just needed a better camera.  My IPhone 4 looked similar to the Flinstones bird doing drawings.


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