Icelandic Washing Machines and the Need for All Bran Cereal

I haven’t written a blog in quite a while. Things are finally starting to slow down a bit.

Nutella everything is available at Tim Horton’s. They might as well serve a bag of sugar with two hazelnuts. It smelled like one of those candies that is available in the bins at Macs. The gummies that offer those little baggies and a business card for a dentist.

Went to see Jose Gonzalez recently in Toronto. Terrific show! There were some confusing things that happened though. Two people fainted during the set. It must have been because his voice was too beautiful, and they couldn’t handle it any longer. Couldn’t have been drug related.

NHL playoffs have begun. Couldn’t have been scripted any better for Canadian teams. Edmonton is going to get McDavid. And Toronto, well Toronto has a wonderful group of players that get along super well with the media and fans?

Iceland’s new slogan is the land where everybody is beautiful, everything is beautiful, and it’s much too expensive for you.

Big Music Fest is really promoting the Rod Stewart and Blondie night, apparently they are having a hard time selling tickets for that evening. The two major issues. The asking for senior discounts and not knowing how to use the internet to buy tickets.

Cast iron grills are wonderful. No need for a barbeque. How did I not know about this device earlier in my life? The worst thing that can happen in summer is being three beers deep and having the propane run out while having guests over. Not only do you get that look from your wife, you have to do the drive of shame to the local Canadian Tire with jogging pants on.

There is something soothing about hearing the train ring its bell from outside of our new place. Maybe the freedom of knowing that I could go to Stratford whenever I want. If you show up past 8pm everybody is in bed, but up until then it’s a madhouse.

The clap after the plane lands safely is ridiculous. You can’t give somebody a round of applause for getting you somewhere alive.

There are rumours that I have the body type that doesn’t make me look very athletic when it comes to certain sports, but very athletic when it comes to others. People are surprised that I am above average at sports that require hand-eye coordination. They are also surprised to hear that I can’t ski or snowboard. My balance is similar to a baby giraffe 3 minutes after being born.

Many great albums have been released so far this year. Here’s a quick list of what I am listening to.

Jose Gonzalez – Vestiges and Claws, Father John Misty – I love you, Honeybear, Sufjan Stevens – Carrie and Lowell, Lower Dens – Escape from Evil. All solid albums.

If you are going to sit down and watch Masterpiece Theater you should be dressed for the occasion. I am not sure what you would look like, but you can’t wear your usual attire.

I finally have eaten at the IKEA restaurant. It was ok. The prices make it above average, but the meatballs were no better than the yellow no name frozen meatballs heated up in a toaster oven.

Imbibe has begun to crowd source the money that they need to open up in a different location. It’s a pretty cool idea. Have a look and donate if you like.

Daredevil is a new Netflix show. We have only seen the first episode. I thought it was excellent.
Would some salad dressing seasoning be good as potato chip flavours? I am not sure if I could eat a bag of french dressing tasting chips.

I haven’t gotten to the age yet where I start to eat the cereal that steadily increases you into an old man. The following steps will occur. Sugar cereals, honey nut cheerios, shredded wheat, all bran, and then oatmeal. I am still on honey nut cheerios.

Top 3 misconceptions of doing your laundry in an apartment building.

3 – You will constantly be waiting for machines to get finished.
2 – There will be that one person that always leaves there laundry in the washing machine after it’s done. You then need to wait to wash your work clothes. You then need to figure out if you put their laundry into the machine and pay for them; or just put it into a machine and leave a note on it.
1 – There is a super attractive woman that you always bump into, that is regularly wearing a skin tight tank top.


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