My dream of a tiny house

I have a dream. That dream is to live in a house on wheels that is 200-300 square feet. Put that house on the water somewhere in an area where it’s close to a decent sized town or city. Without having the hustle and bustle of city life. Have it powered by solar panels, and use a composting toilet. Getting out of the rat race and just having a seasonal job. Maybe even working for myself. Having a small bed and breakfast or writing part-time. Seems pretty simple. Except it’s not. The Ontario government makes it extremely difficult to make such a simple dream come true.

The government doesn’t want this. Not paying into them on a consistent basis. They want you to be in debt every single year. Working until you are 67 years old. The average person twenty years ago put 20% of their pay cheque into some type of savings. Whether it was stocks, RRSP’s, or just a general savings account. Now, it’s under 2%. How do people save money now? They purchase a home. Hoping to sell it for a huge profit in the future. People are buying houses while making $15.00 an hour. They are being approved for $300,000 houses. Unstable jobs, sometimes having to take on a second job to pay off this mortgage that they maxed out. Having to go home to their house as entertainment; because they can’t afford to do anything else.

The newest trend now is to purchase houses, and rent out part of the household to basically pay the mortgage. It’s actually an extremely smart move. Especially in a booming market. While looking for our apartment this time out we noticed a huge increase in this. This might again become a watered down area to try to get ahead of the system. It hasn’t yet, but we are seeing an increase in incentives to move in. One thing that I am noticing in Ontario is that it’s difficult to exit the matrix. Anything that the government can do to reduce ones independence they will do. The reason that people can’t have a tiny house in Ontario is the danger of having squatters? Squatters?

Now you can have a tiny house in a trailer park in Ontario. The regulation on that is that you need to vacate that tiny house for at least 2 months every year. And the trailer parks charge you anywhere from $400-500 a month to just park it there. You are still not much better off than renting an apartment. We are at the mercy of the Ontario government. Just pumping money into the system. One thing that may become more popular is shared households. Having a beautiful common area and then each person that lives there has their own bedroom. That could become a big thing in the future. People are sick of living pay cheque to pay cheque, and having to worry about job security constantly. We just want a cheaper way to live. Inflation has taken its toll on the majority of the population. Getting paid the same or less, and being charged more.

I have kept a keen eye on the tiny house movement. It seems to be gaining momentum. We are not the only ones out there that are thinking this way. Most of the people that I know in their 20’s seem to striving for life experiences over houses and cars. You look at the baby boomers and see that a whole generation at some point in the next twenty years will start to be moving into retirement homes and selling their houses. You then look at the younger generation that is supposed to be buying up these homes, and where their heads are at as far as how they want to live; you see that there is a disconnect between the two.

The housing market bubble is going to burst. You will always have your high value areas such as Toronto and the areas around Toronto. Everybody wants to live in the mecca of a province, but the other areas further away are going to be a tough sell. The days of over paying for homes and land should come to an end. We want nothing to do with any of these issues. All that we want is a tiny house on a body of water in an area that we can get our groceries. Why is this so difficult to achieve?


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