Snowfall, starts and ends with Rick Moranis

Fruit Roll-Ups were nearly the best thing to ever get in your lunch while growing up. Everybody knew that it was terrible to have something that was made of sugar stuck to your teeth for 3 hours after eating it, but they were so delicious.

Fell down the stairs today at 6am getting ready to go to the gym. It’s always humorous to me after falling down the stairs. You give yourself about 10 seconds to make sure that you are not seriously injured by making the Peter Griffin noises when he gets hit with something in the knee.

First snowfall is always pretty to look at. Until you hear that familiar sound of the scraper against the window. They should make a Canadian horror movie with that as part of the soundtrack. The man that couldn’t get his windshield clean, starring Rick Moranis.

I am buying a PS4 at some point in the near future. I really do miss video games. I miss creating my own character in baseball, and having the most beautiful mustache in the major leagues.

There is always that kid in gym class that had the ugliest of running styles, but was super quick. He was also the same kid that was just a bit too intense at floor hockey time. “Dude, just relax, don’t take slap-shots from 4 feet away.”

Danny Collins – 7.7/10
Hunger Games: Mockingjay – 7.9/10

Does anybody actually enjoy card tricks? It doesn’t happen very often to me, but when somebody approaches looking to do a card trick there is no way out. It’s not just the trick that usually sucks. It’s the small-talk that you have to make after. Where do you go with the conversation after? You can’t ask them how they did it. And you know nothing about them. “So… Do you like stuff?”

Last night was our holiday party. Great time, wonderful food, amazing people. They provided the over the limit service as well. My car was driven home for me. Not sure there is a better service than this. There is nothing worse than leaving your car at Modean’s Roadhouse for the night, and having to take that walk of shame the next morning to get it. Walking down the sidewalk of sorrow as you approach the house that Pick built.

Are there people that drink champagne on a regular basis? Seems like the cap exploding off of the bottle would be a weird sound to hear while watching Pawn Stars.

If there is ever a time that you need to look important. Walk very quickly with the cell phone up to your ear looking for signal. Ha, Ha, Ha, Business!

Crocs are still the worst. It’s a mix of a shoe, a rubber boot, and your dignity.

As a younger lad there was never a challenge that I took to heart more than being asked to make a mixed disc for somebody. It was very similar to filling out a lineup for a baseball team. Numbers 3 and 4 were always the heavy hitters, and the leadoff was always to get the blood going. If you have never felt these things while making a mixed disc – you probably like shitty music.

Books sometimes have it tough. There is just too much competition in the average household. Internet, TV, and video games make it a goliath type triumph if a book gets to be finished. But there is something about being submersed into a fantastic book. I am going to the library right now…. And I have $32.00 in late fees…. This is the vicious cycle of picking your entertainment.

I am starting to see friends on Facebook that you can tell are beginning to develop into crusty old people. There is always something to complain about. It’s almost like they like bad things happening; because they need something to complain about. What a tiring life that must be.

Damn landlord didn’t ice down the stairs this morning at 5am. I could have broken my damn neck. It’s their responsibility to get things like that taken care of. I should dock $50.00 from my rent for the hassle that I had to go through. This is very exhausting.

Happy Sunday! Packers play the Vikings today in an epic Smith versus Dhooma rivalry. There is usually no victor when these matchups happen. The Packers win, and Sara tells me to do the laundry.


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