Odell Beckham learning how to read at the Public Library

My holiday break has begun. It started off with a bang. I had a nap at 10:45am, awoke and began to write a blog.

It’s hard not enjoy this weather. You know it’s a combination of El Nino and global warming, but when is the last time that you could go for a hike on December 21st without gloves and a toque?

When I call Americans in the southern states they can peg that I am Canadian within the first few minutes of conversation. I can tell that they are from the south because their name is John, but they go by Jim-Bob.

My nearest and dearest website for finding out about my favourite bands is delving too much into hip-hop for my liking. It’s like going to see your mentor for inspiration and advice, and he’s watching a Friends episode, wearing a Johnny Reid T-shirt, and eating a take-out meal from Boston Pizza.

There is only one place in all of Kitchener that gives you the same feeling of traffic that the whole city of Toronto does. It’s the Fairview mall area. It’s the Bermuda Triangle of feelings. You enter with happiness, but it disappears, and is replaced only by confusion and sadness. Hours are wasted trying to turn your car around, but you end up at Farmboy eating Mushroom Kale Soup.

Creed – 8.5/10
Sicario – 9.4/10

Fantasy Football playoffs are nearing its end. I have made it to the finals in 3 of 4 leagues. Unfortunately, Sara doesn’t realize how much research this takes. When I tell her about all of my brilliant pick-ups throughout the year – she just asks who the hell is Bilal Powell?

The Christmas Ham – when you are too lazy or don’t know how to make a turkey.

One Christmas Eve when I was working at the shop. A Father came into the store carrying a Rock Band game looking to return it. When asked why he was returning it, he stated that his son did something terrible and was returning his present. This was the year they first came out, and were extremely difficult to come by. I jumped on the opportunity to purchase this. It felt strange to have a great Christmas by another being wrecked. Cheers to that shitty kid.

Are there days that cats and dogs get up and just believe their fur looks immaculate on that day?

Somewhere out there on the street you live on there is a person that is complaining that there is no snow for Christmas. They have also complained when it was cold or snowy at Christmas. The perfect scenario for them would be 12 degrees Celsius with giant snow-flakes that stayed on the ground without making the roads slippery.

Odell Beckham Jr? What are you doing? His Mother should have went out on to the field and grabbed him by the ear.

Top 3 things that you feel when you use your public library.

1. Poor – I always feel like I have to explain to the person that I could afford a printer if I really wanted one.

2. Giving back – I think I only feel this way because I return every book late.

3. That I am stealing – I always hold the books up while walking out the door to show that I have the ones that I said I was going to take. And there is always one that I know I will probably never read, but feel extremely smart by taking out.

Happy Holiday’s to all of the loyal followers of Hosehead’s Thoughts and Wisdom. All 93 of you. We should get together someday for some eggnog and gingerbread cookies.


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