A Strange New World

It’s been an extremely odd last couple of weeks.  I went from being a dude that was able to go out and do whatever I wanted to a guy that was restricted to his house for the majority of the day – adjustment has been difficult.  All of these articles you read telling you about the wonderful things that you could be (re)discovering while you work from home… play board games, read books, cook wonderful time-consuming dinners, watch all of the movies, etc… all of this is true.  It does take time to get used to though – when your world gets flipped upside down (bonus point for anyone that read it in the Fresh Prince tune) like it has for many of us it’s a strange existence.  It’s not the fear of getting the virus that I’m afraid of, it’s the time that it will take for things to go back to normal.

When will sports resume? Going to a pub with a buddy? Having lunch with people from work? None of these questions are even close to being answered.  Trying to stay informed is fairly easy right now with nothing else to report on (Tom Brady somehow still wins), the entire world is on pause right now.  There are a few sides that you can see on social media.  Some people are afraid and are posting things that the Government should do (becoming upset when it doesn’t happen the way they believe it should) and/or becoming vigilantes for the general public of things they see wrong.  Others (myself included) are trying to make light of the situation ease their own tension behind the severity of the virus.  Lastly, you have the realists that know we haven’t seen the peak of this, and expect things to get much worse.

I’m trying to stay positive during this whole time.  I do believe Canada got ahead of the virus quicker than other countries.  It would be difficult for me to believe otherwise.  My personality doesn’t suit a doomsday persona.  I’m abiding by all the rules and know the severity of the situation… it’s just not healthy for me to believe that I won’t be able to enjoy the company of others through the summer months – taking it week by week is the healthiest approach for my own personal sanity.  Eating properly, exercising, writing, keeping things light on social media, and staying productive while I work from home is how I’m surviving this.  Adjustments are being made daily – it’s easy to get into a mode of extreme routine.  Unfortunately, this becomes problematic after even a couple of days.

Others will have zero issues handling this.  Many people seem like they’ve been training their entire lives for this.  It really is as easy as sitting on the couch and keeping yourself entertained.  It’s interesting watching people handle this situation online.  None of it is incorrect, other than sharing misinformation.  I’m trying to keep an open mind that not everybody will handle this the same and that people on social media are scared and they’re digesting everything the only way their body will process the fear.

After this is all over there are multiple things that will be interesting to watch moving forward…

  • Will this be the kickstart that the world needs to see to try to solve global warming?
  • Is technology going to be as heavily relied on for entertainment? It’s one of our sole sources currently.
  • How will the economy bounce back? Will we go into a multi-year recession?
  • Will Governments be more prepared for the next time this happens?
  • What will Charmin (toilet paper company) do first when they purchase the country of Ukraine?

This is the weirdest situation that I’ve ever witnessed.  During 9/11 we had a bad guy(s) to blame and it was simpler to understand how to keep people safe.  This is a silent killer that we can’t blame (unless you are Trump blaming China).  The fix is not easy, it requires an adjustment across the entire world.  With over-population and the ease of travel all over the world, this virus will definitely have staying power.  In years past with deadly diseases we couldn’t travel as simply to spread it – this made it so much easier to contain.  Now we have to deal with misinformation, ignorance, unpreparedness, fear, and a global spread.  Fuck, this is depressing! It’s only been a short time of course, and at the end of the day, we are really only being told to stay home.  My job has been fantastic with the pandemic and the team that I lead has been phenomenal during this whole ordeal.  There is no doubt that my situation is ideal compared to some… it is still taking time for me to adjust, and the way I deal with processing issues is downloading my thoughts into my blog (you must sanitize your hands when leaving my brain).

Also, yes, I realize that Facetime is being used commonly to communicate.  I find it to be very similar to having a conversation with a girlfriend in grade 11 over the phone.  You are constantly interrupting each other by accident, making small talk about nothing, and struggle with when it’s time to hang up.  If I’m going to partake in a (buddy) date it will be while enjoying a pint of Guinness, asking for the bill when it’s obvious that the hangout is done (two empty Guinness glasses)… this is my preferred type of hangout.  You shake their hand or give them a hug and wander home feeling a bit better about the world.

(virtual) Cheers to hoping things get back to normal sooner rather than later.

Stay safe out there!



Green Lantern’s oath after having a massage from Little Mac’s trainer

It’s Sara’s birthday today.  She has flown off to Brazil while I am awaiting to go to the dentist.  Seems a bit unfair.

Our plants are still alive in the household.  Plants are good because they don’t whine like animals do when they don’t have food.  It’s only been 3 days without food.  What do you want, to be fed daily?

After dropping Sara off at the airport I went to Nickelbrook Brewery.  The traffic on the way there almost made it not worthwhile.  What a fantastic brewery.  They will fill up any other breweries growler.  This is uncommon, most breweries will only fill up their own.  9.8/10 (they were out of two of my favourite beers.  No perfect score.)

Welcome to me – 6.7/10

Kristin Wiig stars as a woman with some mental issues that goes off of her meds.  She ends up winning the lottery and purchases time from a TV station to run her own talk show.  Wiig is the perfect casting for this role, but the movie lacks substance.  It really under-utilizes the other talent in the movie.

One of the best jokes that I heard from a comedian recently.  He was talking about Home Depot and their slogan of “you can do it, and we can help.”  No I can’t do it, and you can’t help; because you are a retired math teacher.

I have lived for 36 years and I have never run through laundry that is on clothes lines outside chasing another person with a flower while the sun beats down on me.  Movies always thinks this happens.

Nerds the candy should be illegal.  Have you ever listened to what somebody sounds like while chewing them?  I have to turn away.

Watched an extremely interesting documentary on Voluntourism recently.  One of the most interesting stories was a girl talking about how she went with no knowledge on how to build a house.  They would start laying bricks down, and complete the day’s work.  One day she woke up early in the morning and witnessed workers tearing down the work that they did and redoing it in the night time.  People always want to believe that they are doing things that help, but do research before you pay a pile of money to a company that may only give a small amount to the community.

We always bash the younger generation for staying indoors and using technology all-day.  I believe that if any generation had the same technology at their disposal they would do the exact same thing.  Do you know how many hours I played Mike Tyson’s Punchout?

Why did they dress the trainer in a pink sweatshirt while training?  That seems like such a weird move for the era that game came out.

I am happy that I am over 6’0″ tall and don’t have to overcompensate by working out and bulking up.

If you are going to be a drifter in a major city you should never wear a poncho on a sunny day.  You always look shady and unstable.  My mind always goes to back to the original Rambo when I think of drifters.  That’s not so bad.

As a young lad I believed that people put an eavestrough on the house so they could steal tennis balls.  It was a good business plan I decided, but it was kind of a dick move.

Poopy is the absolute worst nickname for anybody.  There really can’t be any good reason to have that nickname.

How many times do you think you have purchased golf balls from the side of the road and the bag that you purchased had one of your golf balls in it that you shot out of bounds?

Top 3 worst things about MC’ing a public event.

  1. When MC’ing a sci-fi convention and you have to repeat the Green Lantern oath’s in multiple made up languages.
  2. Having somebody yell louder after you get your first word out.
  3. Being in charge of cutting off the drunk sailor mouthed Aunt or Uncle.

One of the many reasons that I own a car is that I am not thought of when people think of somebody to help them move.  It also helps that I drink expensive beer, and am extremely weak.

In all zombie movies and shows it’s always the worst when they are waiting for the person to turn.  Why do they always have to sit so close to them?

Everybody has that one power bar where you are not sure if you have too many things plugged into it.

We have gotten rid of most of our small kitchen tools.  I only miss one of them.  It’s the garlic press.  Cutting stupid garlic makes your hand stink for 3 days.  It’s like the bog of eternal stench.

Is there anybody that wears a cod piece with an everyday outfit?

Every time you get your oil changed at your local place they will show you the stupid air filter.  You feel like a bad parent if you tell them to put that greasy air filter back in there.  It’s like telling your child to put his dirty underwear back on.

In the Philippines they eat eggs of partially formed chickens.  On that note.  I am out.