How was the Star Trek Cruise?

I receive this question often, this is likely due to me spamming all social media for the past few months. It’s really difficult to explain why I loved it so much. My background of Trek is really only the past few years while trying to stay sane during the lockdowns and such. Sara used to take me to conventions in years past and I really only enjoyed the heavily fan-run ones versus the cash cow Comic-Con type.

For starters, everyone on the ship is like-minded, full of love, and excited to be their true selves, whatever that may be. It’s refreshing watching people let loose without fear of looking silly or their body type – it was a full-on party for 7 days straight. You could have a conversation with a 70-year-old man about something Trek-related and then look across the ship and see three people breakdancing to the Beastie Boys…there was just action everywhere and you could people watch for hours – never a dull moment.

You are up close and personal with the actors from multiple eras of Trek – this isn’t a having to wait in line for hours to get in the first couple of rows of their panels. You could walk in 20 min early, be served a glass of wine and watch the stars come up on stage one by one. While walking throughout the ship, you’d see stars walking around, sitting at a bar, hitting the buffet, and the fans were polite and respectful of their privacy didn’t see one occasion of an awkward exchange between the fans and the actors. The panels were excellent – none of it was scripted – it was just chatting on stage.

Most of the actors have other talents – whether it be Tim Russ (Tuvok from Voyager) playing with his blues band, Garrett Wong (Harry Kim from Voyager) doing stand-up comedy, or Kenneth Mitchell (multiple characters on Discovery) putting on a DJ set – there was never a dull moment. Speaking of Kenneth Mitchell, he suffers from ALS and during his performance, the cast of Discovery surrounded him dancing, while he DJ’d from his wheelchair – the fans were given glow-in-the-dark pool noodles to make it an unforgettable scene from the stadium seating. It was such an emotional moment seeing how much love they had for each other that it was almost unbearable to watch without getting teared up.

But, the number one thing about everything is seeing all of the fans and chatting with so many people and creating friendships. You’d see folks that you met for the first time the night before, you’d look a bit “dehydrated” and would chat about the previous night’s event. Whether it was a roaring 20’s party where balloons were scattered everywhere, or, Q’s costume event where there were dozens of unique outfits, or, the alternate universe evening where you could rock the evil or sexy version of the Trek character. It truly was one of the best times of my life and since my expectations before the cruise weren’t blown out of proportion, it was an extremely special experience. Oh, and I was constantly being checked out by all genders… which never hurts the ego 🙂


Gowron raising money for his Kickstarter campaign in Port Dover

Blue Jay fans are completely on the bandwagon. We had to buy tickets a month out for the Red Sox series recently. I do think scalpers deserve this though. It’s been twenty years of trading September Blue Jay tickets for Raul Mondesi 3rd year Topps near mint condition cards.

Finally went for a haircut. When the hardest part of your life is trying to find a time with your hairdresser; because of your 9-5 schedule, you are probably doing alright.

I know you want your child’s name to be unique. I realize you want them to feel special. They will thank you if you just give them a name that is easy to spell. Rebekkah has wasted 379 hours spelling her name to strangers in the future.

In Montreal they are changing some of the Liberal signs to Klingon Gowron signs due to its dark colours. I approve.


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – 8.7/10
Terminator: Genysis shithead from the future that goes back in time as part-machine – 2.1/10

If you are not watching Sense8, you should be. One of the best character developed scifi shows that I have seen in years. It’s on Netflix, and available on all things jail-broken.

When I was a young lad I always remember one of my birthdays in particular. I had received a present that was a squirt gun that contained purple liquid that my mother thought would stain the entire house. She watched in complete horror as it was sprayed all over the house with giddiness by young children. It was consumed with delight as it looked like purple kool-aid. This was the best and worst birthday gift of all time. It did stain the house, and we had to sell the house at a reduced value afterwards.

After working in retail for many years I can now safely say that the worst joke to say to somebody working in retail is when they ask if you need a hand – is to clap.

The feeling of getting a brown envelope in your mail box is either fantastic or terrible. There is no in between.

If women want to bike topless – go ahead. I’ve had to see many of men walking in downtown Kitchener with a smoke in their mouth, jean shorts on, with their Motley Crue shirt around their waste. It would be a nice change of pace.

I prefer not to discuss politics in my blog. But Orange Crush is a very tasty soda.

Now thinking back of going to the driving range, I kind of feel bad about aiming at the dude on the tractor that was rounding up all the golf balls. That was a dick move by Smith, and I apologize if it has any lingering effects on your adult life. You did get 500 made-up points for hitting the tractor though.

One of my few talents is to look like I am really trying hard to lift something heavy when there is 4 people lifting something into a truck. Really, I am just doing enough so it doesn’t hit the ground.

I joined a gym. I joined Movati. Which used to be called the Athletic Club. I never thought this day would ever happen. I am pretty sure I owe somebody ten bucks from my home town.

Did everybody enjoy Boot’s and Hearts a couple of weekends ago? I would rather have a full pickle jar thrown at my grown by David Price from 7 feet away than go to that festival.

Sara and I were recently in the Port Dover area. We visited a couple of breweries and wineries; had a little lunch in the Dover, and then ventured back home. We tried to fit in Home Depot, but we just didn’t have time.

Thong sandals feel like a violation on my toes.

Some people like the idea of breakfast in bed. Until it actually happens. You are eating pancakes drenched over syrup on a small table, over a $300.00 white duvet. “Kids, I just really want to eat with you guys in the kitchen.”

Just recently Sara and I went to our first Kickstarter campaign. It involved a free dinner, a couple of free drinks, and an iPad win for Daryl. Just another Sunday night for the Smith-Dhooma team.