We Will Miss You Peter

I lost somebody very close to me last week.  I really don’t like receiving sympathy.  But I thought it was important to know what kind of person that the world lost when it lost Peter.

It was coming up to Sara’s 30th birthday.  She had been telling me for years that she wanted a Logan’s Run theme party.  We would rent out a theatre, watch Logan’s Run, and then have a party back at our place after the event.  This was her dream since about the age of 25 that this would happen.  As her 30th birthday party approached, we realized that it would be much too expensive to have a theatre rented.  We would keep it low key, and just have dinner with the family.

Well, I was going to have nothing of this.  I still couldn’t afford a theatre rental, but I needed to have a party put together Logan’s Run style.  The only person that I knew that could throw something together like this was Peter.  We spoke about it over the phone, as we spoke I could just hear the gears moving in his head of what he would like to do.  We agreed to meet at the hotel suite at 3pm to begin setting up.  He arrived with his roller suite case, and Ninja Turtles bag ready to go to work.  Dinner was at 6, so this needed to be done in a few hours.  After setting up for a couple of hours, I stated to Peter that the room looked great, and that Sara would be ecstatic about the way it looked.  Peter would have none of this.  He told me to get ready for dinner, and he would meet all of us there.

There was a group of us of about 18-20 at the Bauer Kitchen.  Sara was the belle of the ball.  She had the sailor dress on with a sailor cap.  Nobody could really match it.  That is until Peter walked through the door.  He was wearing a Sandman Costume from the movie.  He had a phaser to go with it.  If anybody has been to the Bauer Kitchen before you will know that this would look unusual.  We all stopped eating our appetizers and gave him a round of applause.  Peter was in his glory.  After chit-chatting over dinner with multiple cheers-ing to Sara’s 30th.  We went back to the hotel room.

We walked in with amazement.  Peter had created the movie set within the hotel room.  It was a futuristic creation that the director himself would have gave the thumbs up to.  There were candies shaped like props, a dresser was turned into “Box” the robot and a funky zone to renew for “Carousel”.  Disco balls all around the room, and he had even created Sanctuary “the community outside of the dome” in the corner of the room for people to just chill out.  Sara was ecstatic.  She had no idea that this was coming, and neither did I.  We wandered around the room (after enjoying a drink made by Peter of course) for about 20 minutes just looking at the different things that the mind of Peter created.

The party went to the early parts of the morning until just the 3 of us were still there.  We chatted about different things that were going on in our lives with ease.  We both thanked him constantly for making the day so special, in which he would always respond that is was his pleasure.

Cheers to you Peter.  You will be sorely missed by all.



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